Fremragende kvalitet Biomass Power (Let's Discuss Energy Resources) (Paperback) by Spilsbury Richard Spilsbury Louise hbHMKZgm

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With supplies of non-renewable energy sources running low and the threat of global warming and climate change there is an urgent need to look at other types of energy resources and how well they can meet our power needs. While new technologies are being developed each energy resource comes at a cost. This series looks at each energy resource the technology and cost of how it is used to meet power needs and how it impacts the environment and humans. Each book explains how that power is generated and where it is used and then using specific Let's Discuss panels explores the various advantages and disadvantages that concern it's use as an alternative fuel source. Case studies examine specific usage examples where that source has either worked or not worked so that the reader can weigh up the pros and cons for the use of each source against the alternatives.