Materialer af høj kvalitet Mark Carwardine's Guide To Whale Watching In Britain And Europe: Second Edition (Paperback) by Carwardine Mark 5BBRWqZ5

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Whales dolphins and porpoises are among the world's most mysterious and beautiful animals and there are many opportunities to see them in the seas around Europe. This comprehensive and authoritative guide covers everything you need to know about where when and how to watch them. Packed with useful information and top tips to help you get the most out of your trip it includes a thorough account of whale-watching opportunities in every European country where organised whale-watching takes place as well as detailed accounts of every cetacean species found in Europe and a fascinating introduction to their world. Whether you want to watch Blue Whales in Iceland Bottlenose Dolphins in Whales Narwhal in Greenland or Sperm Whales in Greece this comprehensive guide is the ideal companion.