Meget behagelig Acting: Cut the Crap Cue the Truth: Living the Life and Doing the Job (Paperback) by Burt Natalie vN0qpULC

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Product Description:

This new resource for both budding and existing actors fills a gap in the drama school curriculum by boldly posing questions and suggesting answers about life in the industry that before now have been neglected avoided or ignored. Starting from the 3rd year of drama school and on to life as a working actor this book offers information that is current relevant and from the frontline. Using an informal unapologetic and at times humorous tone it highlights the most productive and constructive ways to succeed whilst mapping out and commenting on the perks and pitfalls that an actor must face. Devoid of gimmicks and quick-fixes it offers professional advice for those about to graduate continuing right through the career of a working actor. Chapters concentrate on working in the theatre on screen and in voiceovers whilst also addressing more practical day to day issues such as finance auditions getting/keeping an agent as well as how to function when out of work - something no one mentions at drama school

Without claiming to be a book of answers or a ticket to success it is an honest account of what the life and business of being an actor is actually about with no other intention than to motivate encourage and prolong the careers of the actors of tomorrow. Written by a young tenacious actor herself this is advice from the horse's mouth from a person who has been through it and is still doing it. This book also features conversations with up-and-coming professionals in the industry including directors agents casting directors and other working actors. A book not only to assist actors in earning their title but one that is designed to ensure that they keep it.