Smuk og generøs What I Tell You in the Dark (Paperback) by John Samuel oWTP2oey

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'I'm afraid sitting back and training the vine hasn't worked. It's time for me to take the plunge.'A nameless angel - having unwittingly started the Christian church - has had to watch humanity fall into increasing states of moral disrepair. But this all changes when he spies a business executive named Will who works for an ethically bankrupt corporation Inviracorp pray for guidance in a London toilet cubicle.In a moment of weakness and bravado he decides to 'take over' Will - to jump in as he did over two millennia ago - and try to make amends for the unforeseen consequences that his last act wreaked on the western world. But his divine superiors are less than pleased with this turn of events. Now not only has he to face the literal wrath of God for his actions buthe is also desperate to finish what Will started and bring Inviracorp to judgement after one particularly heinous act.Both hilarious and unsettling this dark wry and provocative morality tale is at once the mesmerising story of a modern day everyman and a witty but profound exploration of what there is left to believe in and what divinity itself might entail.