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These are the firsthand accounts of sisters Helen and Barbara Shores growing up with their father Arthur Shores a prominent Civil Rights attorney during the 60s in the Jim Crow south Birmingham district---a frequent target of the Ku Klux Klan. Between 1948 and 1963 some 50 unsolved Klan bombings happened in Smithfield where the Shores family lived earning their neighborhood the nickname 'Dynamite Hill.' Due to his work Shores' daughter Barbara barely survived a kidnapping attempt. Twice in 1963 Klan members bombed their home sending Theodora to the hospital with a brain concussion and killing Tasso the family's cocker spaniel. The family narrowly escaped a third bombing attempt on their home in the spring of 1965. The Gentle Giant of Dynamite Hill is an incredible story of a family's unfair suffering but also of the Shores' overcoming. This family's sacrificial commitment courage determination and triumph inspire us today through this story and the selfless service work and lives of Helen Shores Lee and Barbara Sylvia Shores.