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A comprehensive approach to manual therapy with photos and video tutorials Manual Therapy of the Extremities presents manual therapy techniques for the upper and lower extremities from a variety of perspectives. Organized by joint and then by the restricted motions of the joint this format is perfect for education and clinical reference as the clinician will be able to choose from a variety of techniques to treat a restriction of motion in a specific direction without having to navigate between chapters. The description of multiple types of techniques for each restriction is unique to this textbook making it the most comprehensive resource available on this topic with the overall aim of providing students and clinicians a well-rounded approach to manual therapy. Manual Therapy of the Extremities provides an overview of the functional anatomy and biomechanics of the joints as well as a review of the available evidence for the efficacy of manual therapy allowing evidence-based decision-making for the most appropriate technique for the specific clinical situation. Key Features include: Learning objectives Case studies More than 570 color photographs and illustrations with the majority including arrows to indicate movement Access to over 191 tutorial videos* The 8 categories of manipulation techniques for each osteokinematic motion are organized as follows: Joint manipulation non-thrust Joint manipulation thrust Muscle energy technique Manipulation with movement Counterstrain technique Myofascial manipulation Soft tissue manipulation Self-mobilization Each chapter describes manual therapy for each extremity joint including: Anatomy functional biomechanics arthrokinematics Descriptions of common joint dysfunctions Case study illustrating the clinical management of patients with joint dysfunction Available evidence for manual therapy treatment of these dysfunctions Detailed descriptions of the eight types of techniques for each of the osteokinematic motions of that joint. Each technique includes: Step-by-step instructions Patient position Therapist position Color photographs of the technique Notes and tips for each technique INSTRUCTOR RESOURCES: Anatomical Labeling Exercises Image Bank Skills Checklist Slides in PowerPoint format Test Bank * STUDENT RESOURCES: Each new print copy includes Navigate 2 Advantage Access that unlocks an interactive eBook with embedded videos student practice activities and assessments and a dashboard that reports actionable data. Some eBook and electronic versions do not include access to Navigate 2 Advantage Access resources.