rabat Fly-By-Wire: A Historical and Design Perspective (Paperback) by Schmitt Vernon R. Morris James W. Jenney Gavin D. MJdGb7Nl

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Fly-by-wire in aircraft flight control design is more than adding is more than adding a simple wire - it is a sophisticated system that changes the way aircraft are designed and the way they fly. Such systems are becoming increasingly popular in aircraft today and are used in the new 777 and F-177. Fly-by-Wire: A Historical and Design Perspective covers both the 'how' and the 'why' of the system's design and application. Written by authors who directed or staffed fly-by-wire research and development programs the book covers the critical and development time period from 1961 to 1973. Including details on many flight tests laboratory models and flightworthy hardware Fly-by-Wire also covers the many significant research programs conducted by the Air Force during that time. This book addresses the challenges faced by designers in both meeting technical requirements and creating a system with handling qualities acceptable to pilots. With insight into this remarkable technology which may change flying in the future. Fly-by-Wire is a valuable book for aircraft designers engineers pilots and military personnel.