smuk Electronic Voice Phenomenon: Never Talk to Strangers (Paperback) by Taylor J. Andrew Q06gu3Qu

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Tim Sharp a sound editor for a mid-west college had always lived his life as a paradox. Half of his life was spent in tireless pursuit of the next scientific or technological advancement; the other half was usually filled by 'role-playing' and video games or fantasy novels. He held only a passing interest in the paranormal but he was at least intrigued by the possibility. When he met Carley Newquist his two worlds collided with a mind and heart-numbing crash. Both Tim and Carley would remember the day that old Professor Freeman came into the sound editing lab with a mysterious recording and a strange request as the day that changed everything. Old Professor Freeman tells Tim and Carley of a strange incident in a recent class involving half of his students turning in an assignment late; and they all offer their recordings as proof of what the Professor requested. After interviewing most of the students in class that day Tim and Carley's investigations are halted by a secretive student who refuses to talk. Is this student the author of an elaborate college hoax? Or does he know more about the mysterious voice than he is admitting?After finally getting the kid to talk Tim and Carley learn the reason for his silence and evasiveness. He had recognized 'the voice' in class as the same one from one of his 'Ghost Hunting' trips. Armed with this new clue Tim and Carley begin an investigation both with the group and more treacherously individually. The results are a perplexing terrifying and enlightening roller coaster ride through both this world and the world just on the other side of perception leading to a shocking and edifying conclusion.